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Pool Remodeling
Swimming pools have long been a source of enjoyment, with a bit of imagination and effort they can become much more.  Recent innovations in pool design have taken the pool from beyond concrete, fiberglass, and plastic liners. Brick pavers, mosaic tiles, and pebbled bottoms can be integrated into your pool design to help your pool area blend seamlessly into the natural flow of your living space.

Pool decks are no longer relegated to bland and boring cement or straight wooden boards. At Pool Service, our decking materials include brick pavers set in intricate designs. We also use specially made tiles that interlock for easy installation. In addition, we also use pavers or tiles which are an added benefit of helping to catch debris and keep it out of the pool, unlike smooth cement.

Another technique we use for making your pool look spectacular is adding a textured finish to the pool interior in place of the traditional plastic or fiberglass lining. One option is a pebbled bottom. A bed of pebbles lining the pool provides an elegant and natural looking finish. Not only does the pebbled bottom look amazing, it is also more durable than a traditional liner and more able to resist staining from debris that may fall to the bottom of the pool.

Pool Remodeling Experts
At Pool Service, our job is to maintain your pool and make necessary changes to the outward appearance of your pool area. Another service that we recommend to keep your pool looking spectacular is making changes to the inner workings of your pool as well.

Consider adding a salt water chlorinator in place of the standard chlorinator. Salt is more environmentally and health friendly than chlorine. Another environmentally friendly option is to choose a solar heating system for your pool in place of a typical gas or electric unit. Solar heating systems work as well as other units at a fraction of the operating cost.

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