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Swimming Pool & Spa Repairs
While being a pool & spa owner brings joy to many people, pool maintenance can take away from that enjoyment. This does not have to be the case. Performing a few tasks on a weekly basis will help you to create a pool environment that is well maintained and ready to be enjoyed.

At Pool Service, we provide pool & spa repairs for residents in the Sarasota, FL area. Our pool and spa includes:
• Leak Detection
• Expert Equipment repairs
• Pumps
• Filters
• Lights
• Salt chlorinator

Pool & Spa Expert Tips
Our pool service also provides great advice on how to maintain your pool in between our scheduled maintenance service. For example, one of our most basic maintenance chores includes removing leaves, insects, and other debris that falls into the pool.

We recommend using a long-handled skimmer to successfully remove debris. It is important to remove these items before they fall to the bottom of the pool where they can stain the pool liner and are more difficult to remove. If you notice debris at the bottom of the pool you can guide it towards the drain so the pool vacuum is able to remove it for you.

Another relatively simple maintenance task is to use a scrub brush to remove any dirt that has accumulated at the sides of the pool.  Again, guide the dirt to the drain so that it can be removed by the pool vacuum.  In addition to the dirt and debris that you can see, it is necessary to monitor your water for organic matter that you may not be able to see.

If pool chemicals are not kept at acceptable levels there is a risk for the development of dangerous bacteria and algae, which can cause illness. You can prevent this risk by using test strips to confirm chemical levels are in the manufacturers recommended ranges.  Also, ensure that the pool pump, filter, and chlorination system are in good working order. These items are important to maintain proper water circulation for optimal pool health.

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